Ford adds augmented reality to market the F-150 .

The coronavirus has changed the way customers shop. Many are hesitant to venture out to a dealership to see what’s new. So… Ford has found a way to park a new F-150 in your driveway. It’s called “Driveway Dealership” and uses augmented reality (AR) to drop a life-size virtual image of a 2021 F-150 pickup onto a customer’s driveway.

Your virtual walk-around starts at Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone camera to get started. The website also allows you to explore the new F-150’s interior with a 360-degree AR experience.

Some people may think this is just another techie-toy. It’s not. It’s innovative marketing. Ford is giving consumers another tool to interact with their product. Instead of kicking tires in the showroom, the customer is rotating images on their phone or computer to check out features. Ford is capturing consumers at the top of the attribution funnel and gives them the freedom to interact with their product from the safety of their home. It builds interest and creates excitement… helping transition a customer down the funnel to the final act of purchasing a truck.

Why has Ford gone through the expense of letting customers park an AR version of the F-150 in their driveway? They’re hoping that it will drive more people to park a REAL one in their driveway.