Training Videos: Grab Attention and Increase Employee Retention

Hear the word “training” and you might think of a large manual full of dry writing and dull illustrations. Often, this isn’t the most effective way to communicate important information. Training videos, when well scripted and produced, can be a more interesting and engaging method.

Training plays an obvious role in safety and productivity. But maybe less obviously, according to a poll by West UC’s Digital Media Services, it’s also a key factor in job satisfaction and employee retention:

  • 41% of respondents said they would like more training in the next year
  • Two out of three employees say training plays a significant role in their decision to stay with their current company/position.
  • A third felt material in their (current) training was not interesting or engaging.

Clearly, there is opportunity here! A quality training video can provide multiple benefits in one convenient-to-use package. Employees can view training videos on their schedule, then go back and review information again if desired. Additionally, training videos provide the same experience every time they are viewed—nothing gets missed or miscommunicated. And, since many people describe themselves as “visual learners,” videos are a great way to appeal to this group.

Style and substance
Different types of information work best delivered through different styles of video:

  • Live action works best for more straightforward information.
  • Animated videos offer the opportunity to see inside a machine or process. Whiteboard videos are a popular animated choice.
  • Demonstrations provide a great opportunity to show action and an end product
  • Recorded screens are the ideal way to show how to do something online.
  • Addressing the camera is best used with professional actors or when someone internally is both comfortable on camera and has a compelling message.

With a third of employees feeling their current training isn’t interesting or engaging, it’s important to make sure your training video offers both interesting information AND presents it in an engaging manner. Keep the following in mind:

  • Attention-grabbing introduction
  • Visually attractive
  • Information is clear, concise and well organized
  • High quality production—good sound, lighting and editing
  • Message resonates with the audience

Of course, some companies can produce serviceable training in-house, but more often, producing an engaging and effective training video means turning to experts with significant experience writing, producing and directing compelling, effective video content. Reach out to us to discuss your training program needs. Maybe a video is right for you?