Creating a video to raise awareness about your company within your target audience, help sell your product or educate your customers usually isn’t rocket science … but it’s not as easy as point and shoot either. There’s no shortage of just plain bad marketing videos, and a significantly smaller number of great videos (Check out Hearst’s list of the Top 10 Marketing Videos of All Time), and you want to ensure you’re in the latter group.

The only way to make sure you end up with an impressive video is to go into the project with a clear understanding of what it requires. That’s why it’s smart to work with an experienced video production company that will write, produce and direct your video.

Write—To clearly communicate the main points of your video, most productions start with learning your goals, becoming familiar with your company’s personality and information gathering … all in preparation for writing the script. This info gathering could be talks with your staff, a plant tour, interviews with R&D, a Q&A session with customers, a literature audit, studying laws that regulate your industry and more.

This is truly a case of putting in the work up front, to ensure a quality product. From this investigative stage a scriptwriter will determine the video style that will work best. Finally, they will clearly communicate their vision for the video through a written script. The script is where every spoken word, graphic element, camera angle, scene transition and sound effect come together to create a compelling story. It serves as the blueprint for the producer, director and everyone else on the project.

Produce—The devil is in the details, and the producer has to deal with him! Usually, even before the script is complete, the producer will start nailing down ALL the details of the production. These include locations, talent, crew, scheduling, equipment, permits, props, arranging scouting trips, transportation and much, much more. If the script is the blueprint for the project, the producer is the one who gets it built, with quality materials and on schedule!

Direct—A seasoned director is the element that takes a video project from average to exceptional. The director’s job is to take the script and make it an on-screen reality. On set, the director’s vision rules, and they have the final say about—well—everything! Shoots can be stressful, and you want to make sure your director is knowledgeable, talented and up to the task of leading the project. There’s no substitute for experience in the director’s chair!

When you come to an experienced company to write, produce and direct your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn video you can be confident your finished piece will make you proud, communicate your main strategic messages in an engaging manner and accomplish your goals.

SPI Collective has thirty years of experience writing, producing and directing killer video for broadcast, shows, social media and more. Let’s put all that experience to work for you!