LinkedIn Videos: It’s All Business!

Although LinkedIn is certainly a business-oriented social media platform (compared to Facebook or Twitter), that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Since people come to LinkedIn with a business mentality, it isn’t the place for silly dog videos or risqué memes, however creative videos can make a strong impact on the platform.

LinkedIn has only allowed businesses to post native videos since 2017, but already a significant portion of the content you post on LinkedIn should be video. We all know video just flat out performs well on social media, and per LinkedIn’s Beta Program, native videos are actually five times more likely to start an in-platform conversation compared to other forms of content. That’s probably because 71% of LinkedIn users feel it’s a credible source for professional content.

Something else to keep in mind is that LinkedIn offers uniquely detailed viewership reports. Not only can you learn how many people commented on, liked and shared your video, you can see their company, job title and location—all stats especially interesting to businesses!

So, your convinced about the effectiveness of video on LinkedIn., but what types of videos should you create? Usually native LinkedIn videos fall into one of these five categories:

  • Company announcement and news release videos—a ribbon cutting, introduction of new executives, acquisitions, name changes or even rebranding initiatives.
  • Videos featuring some aspect of your company’s unique culture—community or charitable causes you support or ones that your employees are given time off to attend, your on-site heath club or noon-hour yoga class, flexible schedules, exceptional office environments or other unique perks.
  • Videos that present educational topics—this is a broad category, but these educational videos are almost always related to business in some way. Think whiteboard videos, a behind-the-curtain look at your advanced clean room manufacturing, time management tips or even a video case study that demonstrates how you solved a customer’s problem.
  • Product or service videos that showcase your product and benefits, how they are being used in the real world, introduces new products or services or shows how your offerings are superior to the competition.
  • Videos about an event, conference or show—this can be done in advance, offering a sneak peek at your booth, hinting at new products you’ll be showing, inviting customers and potential customers to visit your booth, promoting an event where someone from your company is speaking or sitting on a panel … you get the idea. It can also be a follow-up video showing interesting things you saw and learned at an event.

If you’re interested in talking about videos for LinkedIn, or really any other type of marketing video, contact us. We write, produce and direct all types of marketing videos for all sorts of companies.

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