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The Art of Audio Production

If you’ve ever attended an audio recording session in person you know that it can be an amazing experience. Sound is often a more powerful sense than sight. A recording engineer can put scripted words together with a rough read, and the perfect score, to craft a masterpiece. And well-placed sound...

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Behavioral Targeting 101

Broadly speaking, behavioral targeting is a method of digital ad targeting that collects information about a person’s online behavior and leverages this information to create and serve up precisely targeted ads. The system that makes this possible starts with tracking the behavior of someone on a...

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A Not-So-Animated Guide to Animation

Animation is a great way to grab attention, make almost any concept easier to understand or add personality to your brand. Today animation is well within the reach of the average marketing or training video budget. However, different types of animation are suitable for different companies, purposes...

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Five Tips for Effective Geofencing

Most advertisers have heard of geofencing: creating a virtual geographic fence around a location. Specifically, it’s a location-based digital marketing tactic that lets marketers place banner, native or other digital ads that target smartphone users in a specific, defined geographic area. The area...

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Programmatic Continues to Soar!

Traditional media buying meant a lot of hands-on work: research, proposals, negotiating, manual insertion orders, etc. When a major part of ad spending shifted to digital, this process became even more arduous. Enter the efficiency and precision of programmatic media buying. In short, programmatic...

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Advertising Videos on Twitter

Video has a starring role on Twitter! Twitter practically invented the viral video and it’s home to some of the most iconic videos of all time. Who hasn’t let out a loud aaaaawwe at Cache the yellow Labrador retriever getting his pretend ear dog has ear medicine she needs and the other...

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