Creating Winning Marketing Videos for Twitter

There’s no question about the popularity of Twitter video as a marketing tool. Per Twitter, video is their fastest growing advertising vehicle, with more than 2 billion video views on the platform every day. Additionally, according to Wyzowl, 79% of consumers prefer to learn about a product via video rather than text and an astounding 84% report making a purchase due to a brand video.

This propensity for video viewing on Twitter, coupled with the overall effectiveness of video, is a great opportunity for marketers.

When creating or repurposing a marketing video for Twitter, consider the following:

  • Shorter is often better—If you’re starting from scratch create a short video that prompts the viewer to click the link for more information. (Even a clever .gif can do the job.) If you have a longer video that you created for other purposes, edit it down. You may even be able to create several shorter videos. 95% of consumers believe a video should be less than two minutes long.
  • Include subtitles or captions—A majority of people view Twitter videos with the sound off. Use captions so you don’t lose this group.

Now’s the time

Do you need a video, but feel overwhelmed with the process? Or maybe you’re still on the fence? Consider that 83% of businesses believe that video gives them good ROI. To learn how a professionally produced video could help your business reach its goals, give us a shout.