What I miss most

I’m a hugger.  Grew up in a very affectionate family.  Grandma didn’t just pinch my chubby cheeks.  She’d pinch ‘em and then bite ‘em.  Handshake?  Hell, I was a little man at four years old.  I walked around with a wallet in my diaper and shook hands like a politician.  So of course for me, social distancing is like . . . . wha????  

Remember after 9/11 the Homeland Security people came up with that color chart?  It’s a yellow day everyone – it’s okay to proceed with your normal activities.  It’s an orange day – be wary of anybody you see trying to set their tennis shoe on fire.  It’s a red day – head to the bomb shelters.  

I wonder if we’re going to have that with social distancing.  Harvard University researchers are already predicting we may have various levels of social distancing into 2022.  I say do the color chart.  It’s a yellow day – you only need 3 feet apart in the grocery store.  It’s an orange day – we recommend the standard six feet distance.  It’s a red day – stay home. 

Bottom line is, there are still some of us that can tell an awful lot from a handshake.  I miss them.  Fist bumps and elbow bumps ain’t cutting it for me.  We are human. We are social animals.  I need a hug.  I think everybody needs one.  At least that’s how I see it.