Author: Chris Calcagno

This Too Shall Pass

Who said that anyway? Where did that come from?  Was it Aristotle? Or Plato? Lady GaGa? Anyhow, there is one and only one thing we know for certain in these uncertain times.  And that is that this too will pass.  We will get to the other side of all of this.  Sure, we don’t know when or how long it...

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What I miss most

I’m a hugger.  Grew up in a very affectionate family.  Grandma didn’t just pinch my chubby cheeks.  She’d pinch ‘em and then bite ‘em.  Handshake?  Hell, I was a little man at four years old.  I walked around with a wallet in my diaper and shook hands like a politician.  So of course for me, social...

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Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

I don’t know if it was the Democrats or Republicans who said that, but first time I heard it I said – “Disgusting!”  But here I am ready to recommend that very notion to you.  Yep, during an economic downturn like we’re facing, during a nasty crisis like we are living in, there’s a sales opportunity...

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The Worst That Could Happen – We Forget

I worry.  If I don’t have enough to worry about today, I’ll worry about tomorrow.  And if that’s not enough, I’ll worry about years from now.  I like to know I’m getting my money’s worth out of my high blood pressure medication.  Right now, I worry we may forget.   At some point we’ll all get back...

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How ‘bout them Doctors and Nurses!

Hey, how ‘bout it for our doctors and nurses out there.  While I’m safe at home in my little hermetically sealed virus-free bubble, doctors and nurses suit-up every day right now and walk into Coronavirus hell.  I’m afraid to touch a box of Corn Flakes in the grocery store and these people are touching,...

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Health and Money

I’m in marketing, so I got a kick outta’ this one story I read.  Corona Beer sales are down 38%.  Some people won’t touch it under any circumstances.  The writer said, “those are the same people who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows.”  I for one will stock up on Corona Beer – it’s gotta’...

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