Health and Money

I’m in marketing, so I got a kick outta’ this one story I read.  Corona Beer sales are down 38%.  Some people won’t touch it under any circumstances.  The writer said, “those are the same people who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows.”  I for one will stock up on Corona Beer – it’s gotta’ be on sale.

Misconceptions, misinformation, wrong impressions, bad suggestions – all seem to be rampant right now with COVID-19.  It’s simply ‘cause people are scared.  What are the two biggest things people worry about in life?  Their health and their money.  It’s a good bet that four out of five people you talk to or Zoom with, or see at the grocery store . . . no matter how they sound or act or look, are fearful about one of those or both.  It’s never been more important to be patient and kind with each other and to reach out to those we love.  At least that’s how I see it.