How ‘bout them Doctors and Nurses!

Hey, how ‘bout it for our doctors and nurses out there.  While I’m safe at home in my little hermetically sealed virus-free bubble, doctors and nurses suit-up every day right now and walk into Coronavirus hell.  I’m afraid to touch a box of Corn Flakes in the grocery store and these people are touching, holding, working with actual virus patients every day.    Have you seen the pictures from some of these hospitals?  They look like MASH units on an alien planet.  Let us GIVE THANKS for these beautiful, wonderful, hospital angels.  Geez.

You know what, I have an idea.  Whenever my 13-year-old daughter notices someone in a military uniform she always says, “Thank you for your service.”  Let’s do that whenever we see a doctor or nurse or technician in medical garb.  Let’s say to those people “Thank you for your service.”  Then give them a big hug . . . opps.  Just say thank you.  

They are today’s heroes.  At least that’s how I see it.