Creating Video Content for Facebook

Think about how you spend your time on social media … What content made the strongest impression? Trick question … obviously it’s videos! So, it just makes sense that video is the content of choice for marketers on all social channels, including Facebook.

A few HUGE facts and figures:

While there’s no one best type of Facebook video, you will almost always do well with humor or something that pulls at the heartstrings. Consider the following for your Facebook page …

  • Announcements or introductions work great on video.
  • Branded cooking videos among the most popular, so we know there’s a hunger for this type of “how-to” content.
  • Interview’s or Q&A sessions with a leader in your company or industry work well and are simple to produce.
  • Think about giving a behind-the-scenes look at your process—showing how you get things done for your customers.
  • Repurpose, and possibly re-edit, some of your testimonial or sales videos.
  • Even an info-packed product video can perform if it’s done in an authentic manner. After all, 78% of people report that brand’s social media posts influence their buying decisions.
  • Facebook LIVE videos let you live stream raw content from an event in real time.

One really important thing to remember … 85% of social media videos are viewed with the volume off, so make sure to include interesting graphics and animation, captions and on on-screen call-to-action.

The SPI team brings unique expertise to social media video production. And we we’ll help as little, or as much, as you’d like.