California Dreaming.

Those who have read some of my previous articles know I’m not a fan of electric cars. So, when I heard that California’s Governor Newsom issued an executive order that will ban the sale of cars with internal combustion engines by the year 2035, I had to shake my head and say, “He’s dreamin.” Here’s...

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Cadillac’s ducks are back.

Did you even notice they’ve been gone for 20 years? Actually, the ducks are merlette swans and were part of Cadillac’s original logo. The swans are a knightly symbol that date back to the Crusades and are from the family crest of Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. Three of the swans represent the explorer’s...

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Mach. Mach. Who’s There?

Some brands should be left alone. Muscle cars were a big deal when I was growing up. At the shop and local car shows, there were THE CARS… the ones everyone wanted the keys to. GTO Judge. Chevelle Super Sport.  Hemi ‘Cuda. Mach I Mustang. These are just a couple of the icon brands that rolled out...

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Audi chokes on a bad banana…  ad

On August 2, Audi tweeted this ad: And the outrage was immediate. Some were angry that a toddler was out of the driver’s line of sight and was oblivious of the pending danger of being run over. Others were offended by the pedophilia innuendoes of a female child in a leopard print dress consuming a...

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Transitioning Millennials

As Baby Boomers continue to down-size into smaller homes, furniture companies need to focus on Millennials – the population born between 1980 and 2000. Millennials account for over 79 million people and pump over $170 billion into the economy every year. This group is now transitioning; they’re...

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The evolution of the COVID consumer

2019 was probably a pretty good year. 2020 started off great and then, POW… the pandemic. Even though businesses were forced to shut their doors and millions of people sheltered at home, commerce continued. Customers simply spent their money differently. Consumers who were unable to go to a brick...

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